Everyone who worried about the predicted two or more inches of rain that was supposed to fall in the North Texas area overnight Friday into Saturday actually had nothing about which to worry.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Monique Sellers said the system just didn’t find as much moisture here as predictions had indicated it might. So the area actually saw about a quarter inch or so of rain, though that might have been a little higher or lower in some areas.

The same system, however, is expected to continue on into the southern U.S. and produce a good amount of rain for residents there.

Sellers said the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma area can look forward to dryer weather this coming week. There isn’t a hint of rain until Thursday, she said, when the precipitation starts to creep back into the area.

By the weekend, Sellers said, the area could be looking at a 30 percent chance of precipitation and accompanying cold front, which means the precipitation could come in a form other than rain. Sellers said it is too early to tell just yet, if that precipitation will fall as rain or something more frozen so folks will just have to continue to keep an eye on that.

In the meantime, the NWS says the area will see highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s through much of the first part of the week with lows falling into the lower 30s. Then for the later part of the week, the temperature climbs to the 60s and the lows are expected to be in the 40s.