A Southmayd woman was rushed to a hospital Friday afternoon suffering from injuries sustained when one of her own dogs attacked her.

Southmayd Police Chief Chad McKee said the woman was putting an American Bully Pit into a kennel when the dog attacked her. He said the woman suffered a large laceration to her face and was taken to Texoma Medical Center for treatment.

“He had a mouth that would swallow a whole head,” McKee said of the dog, though McKee did not know the gender of the dog in question.

McKee said the dog was in a room with three others but the other three dogs did not attack. A relative at the home was able to get the woman out of the room and lock the dogs in the room to stop the attack.

The family said the woman had not had previous problems with the dog, which was 3-4 years old, McKee said, and there wasn’t an apparent reason for the attack.