Denison Police have filed an assault report after a father’s and son’s dispute over laundry turned physical Wednesday.

Lt. Mike Eppler said officers responded to a home in the 1800 block of West Bond Street shortly before 2 p.m. upon receiving a report of a disturbance. Eppler said the 52-year-old father had reportedly asked his 17-year-old son to help with the laundry by removing clothes from the dryer and an altercation ensued.

“Apparently it made him mad and he didn’t want to do it,” Eppler said of the son. “So, when he was walking back with the clothes, he threw them on his dad and hit him in the face.”

Eppler said the father told responding officers that his son also tried to punch him in the face, but he was not struck or injured. No formal charges were filed by police and no arrest was made, but Eppler said the matter would be referred to the city’s municipal court.

“In that case, the victim has to go sign the complaint themself,” Eppler said. “It’s up to them whether they file charges or not.”

The Denison Police lieutenant encouraged anyone caught in a domestic dispute to avoid physical conflict.

“If you’re arguing, get away from each other,” Eppler said. “Cool off a little bit, because it doesn’t do any good to keep engaging with someone when one or both of you is angry.”