The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office said investigators are still considering whether to file criminal charges against a local resident who prompted a response from the Plano Police Department Bomb Squad and HazMat team Thursday.

The individual’s comments and hand-delivery of a package to U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe’s Sherman office Thursday were deemed suspicious and the Plano department was called in to help investigate.

“If they decide there’s a criminal offense there, then they will refer it over to the DA’s (Grayson County District Attorney’s) Office,” Capt. Sarah Bigham said of GCSO investigators.

On Thursday, Bigham said representatives from Ratcliffe’s office contacted the GCSO after an individual dropped off an envelope at approximately 2 p.m. and made statements which caused the congressman’s staff to become concerned.

“I can’t (elaborate) at this time,” Bigham said Friday of the comments made. “They just considered them suspicious and asked for our assistance.”

Bigham said she did not know whether the envelope was physically suspicious in any way, but following the individual’s comments, GCSO officials ultimately requested the assistance of the Plano Bomb Squad and HazMat teams. The teams arrived at the Grayson County Courthouse at approximately 4:30 p.m. and within about an hour, technicians determined the contents of the envelope were not hazardous.

“It was just found to be paperwork, so we were then able to take that paperwork into our evidence room,” Bigham said.

A public information officer with the Plano Police agency said the department was unable to comment on the matter Friday because the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office was overseeing the investigation.

Bigham said investigators spoke Thursday with the individual who left the envelope at the office, but said the person was not arrested. The GCSO captain said the individual was a local resident but did provide any other identifying information.

Representatives for Ratcliffe’s office in Washington D.C. said the congressman was aware of the situation Thursday and his staff were working with law enforcement.

The incident remains under investigation.

Herald Democrat reporter Michael Hutchins contributed to this article.