Denison’s burgeoning Gateway Village development may soon have new mixed retail and restaurant space. The Denison Planning and Zoning Commission approved initial plans Tuesday for more than 14,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space in a meeting predominantly featuring Gateway projects.

The designs for the building, which will be located at the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and Convention Way, will feature two spaces for restaurant developments with room for one drive-thru window. An additional 9,000 square feet of dedicated retail space is also included in the designs.

“It is mainly spec (speculation) at this time, but we have three to four tenants we are in talks with right now,” Covenant Development President Ryan Johnson said Tuesday.

The action marks the second mixed-use development in Gateway Village to be approved by the commission following a three-unit building just north of the Denison Starbucks that was approved in September. Similarly, that building also featured a mixture of retail and restaurant space with one suite featuring a drive-thru window. Representatives for this development also said they had plans for prospective tenants, but had nothing finalized at the time.

Johnson said the prospective tenants he is in talks with cover both retail and restaurant prospects. Beyond the drive-thru tenant, Johnson said space on the other end of the building could suit the needs of a “fast casual” style restaurant.

The center of the building will be focused on retail and commercial space, Johnson said. The space could be split into four smaller suites with each featuring between 2,000 square feet and 2,500 square feet of space.

Johnson compared the layout to other mixed-use developments that feature a variety of retail and dining uses, including the Sherman Town Center.

Plans submitted for the project feature layout and designs options for both brick and stonework as the primary building material. However, city staff noted brick is the option that developers are pursuing.

The site plans do include one exemption request related to parking. Under city ordinance, the development is required to include 99 parking spaces due to its size. However, plans for the development only include 79 designated spots.

Johnson said the site is limited in parking spaces due to the needs of easements for utilities. Additional parking that will offset this is planned for adjacent lots to the north and south once they are developed.

Johnson said the types of tenants that are likely to be attracted to the development often have different peak hours, and there is not expected to be a constant need for the spaces. The development is also expected to be the only multi-tenant building on the block, he added.