During its regular board meeting earlier this month, the Sherman Economic Development Corp. presented the board of directors with special plaques for their service with the organization.

After the board had approved an incentive for a possible expansion of Emerson’s workforce and engineering work on a planned extension of Progress Drive, SEDCO Executive Vice President Stacey Jones presented each of the board members and ex-officio members a SEDCO plaque in the shape of a cog. The plaque ties in with the decorations in the SEDCO board room, which features cogs with logos of many of the local industries on its wall.

“This has been a very unusual year this year,” Jones said to the board. “Our board has had to be much more involved than you normally would and I just want to tell each of you how much I appreciate your support — even on the day-to-day things.”

For the past several months, SEDCO has been operating with just two full-time employees — SEDCO Executive Vice President Stacey Jones and Director of Research & Marketing Ashton Ghaemi — after the board accepted former President John Plotnik’s resignation in late February and longtime Executive Vice President Frank Gadek retired in June. Documents subsequently obtained by the Herald Democrat through a Texas Open Records Act request show Plotnik was given a $91,162 consulting agreement in exchange for his resignation amid allegations of misconduct.

Jones was promoted to the executive vice president position in August. She said Mueller Construction Co. helped cut out the metal for the cog plaques.

“I hope it means something to you all — it was kind of special to me,” Jones said. “You can hang (it) on your wall and it will start a conversation about coming to visit our board room.”