Though votes won’t be cast until next year, fans of Texoma Marketing and Media Group’s Best of Texoma reader’s choice program should note nominations for categories to be used will open Wednesday.

As in the past, readers are urged to send in suggestions on what they think should be included, or discontinued, and — as in the past — all of those submitting suggestions, whether they are used or not, will be entered in a drawing for a $50 cash prize.

“This process is in place to ensure we give everyone a voice,” Executive Editor Adrian O’Hanlon III said. “We want to hear from the people about which categories they prefer and make it truly a choice of the readers.”

Nominations can be made on the Herald Democrat website at starting Wednesday. Final decisions on the categories will be made by the Best of Texoma steering committee early next year, and the nominations for the people and businesses to be honored in those selected categories will be open to our readers in 2019.

Over the years, categories have come and gone, but last year’s Best of Texoma was the broadest survey yet of what Texomans think is deserving of recognition, with more than 200 individual categories. Since the categories define what readers and the community think is important, and since the eventual winners will be decided by the public’s votes, input from the community is vital to the process each year. The Best of Texoma staff try to refine it and make it more responsive to what you want to see, vote on and think is important to the community.

So put on your thinking caps; go to the Herald Democrat website, and let us know what categories you would like to see have winners in Best of Texoma 2019.