A new indoor playground with rock climbing and indoor trampolines could be coming to Sherman in the near future.

Xiaoxiang Liu presented his plan to the Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday for a new playground located at the site of 2001 Loy Lake Road, Suite P.

He was seeking a special use permit and a site plan approval for a family-friendly place children can gather for birthday parties and similar events. The commissioners approved his requests, subject to the staff review letter.

Liu wants to install climbing walls, ball pits and trampolines for children ages 2-6 to enjoy. He said he would require parents to sign a waiver to use the facility and they would be responsible for their own children.

He said the intent is to operate Monday through Friday with the space available for reserve on weekends.

Chairman Clay Mahone brought up the issue of state licenses. Stacy Coulter, a representative of the property owner said those issues were addressed. She also said in the case Liu decides to sell the business her firm would vet the next individual as thoroughly as they vetted him.

Both Liu and Coulter were requesting the permits be associated with the business, not the individual.

Liu said he was planning on changing the name of the business from the originally proposed Kid’s Town Indoor Playground.

The commissioners also asked about the indoor trampolines — which Liu said would be relatively small. He said the trampolines would be 3 feet by 3 feet and capable of accommodating no more than one or two small children at a time.