Denison Police are looking for assistance in identifying a suspect in a road rage incident that occurred Wednesday night. Following a near collision, police said a driver greeted the second motorist with a knife in the 3400 block of FM 120.

Denison Police Lt. Mike Eppler said the incident occurred around 7:05 p.m. Wednesday when a motorist had to swerve to miss a red Ford Escape that pulled out in front of him. In the attempt to avoid a collision, Eppler said the motorist struck a curb.

The two drivers pulled into the parking lot of the Subway restaurant and the suspect exited his vehicle and approached the second. It was at this time that Eppler said the suspect pulled out a knife and prevented the complainant from leaving his vehicle.

The suspect then made a threatening remark to the complainant before getting back into his vehicle and leaving the scene. There were no injuries in the incident.

Eppler described the suspect as a white male, approximately 50 year old, with gray hair. Eppler said the suspect vehicle had Texas license plates, but did not specify the plate number.

In the event of a road rage incident, Eppler advised area drivers to simply leave the altercation if they can.

“Just get away from the situation — if you have to slow down, if you have to turn off, whatever you have to do,” Eppler said. “It does no good to engage in an argument or altercation that results from a road rage incident.”

Herald Democrat reporter Drew Smith contributed to this article.