Editor's note: This article has been updated to clarify the details surrounding the concerned raised by a Sherman student.

The Sherman Independent School District issued a notice to student families Friday after Sherman High School officials were alerted to potentially-threatening comments made by a student. The district said the comments were investigated and determined to have “no validity.”

Sherman ISD Director of Communications Kimberly Simpson said Sherman High administrators were approached by a student Thursday who expressed concern after overhearing comments made by a fellow student, which he believed may have posed a threat. Simpson said the student’s statements were not specific and did not threaten harm to other students or staff members. Campus administrators and law enforcement investigated the statements, Simpson said, before ultimately determining that they were “said in jest.”

“Yesterday a student reported something that they had heard to administrators,” Simpson said. “Administrators investigated and determined there was no validity to it. It was just a rumor, but we did send out information to parents and families just to remain transparent and in case parents heard something from their students.”

Sherman Police Lt. John Kennemer said he did not immediately have access to information regarding the matter Friday. Simpson said the student was not arrested, but was sent home Thursday for unrelated disciplinary issues and was not on campus Friday. Simpson said the district investigation into the incident is ongoing and the student will not be allowed to return to campus until the investigation is complete

In an emailed statement distributed to student families on Friday, Sherman High School Principal Jennifer Politi commended the student who alerted school staff and encouraged families to speak with their children about the severity of making potentially-threatening statements.

“Threats against schools are treated seriously, and students who are determined to have made such threats face consequences through our school’s Code of Conduct, as well as potential legal consequences,” Politi said in the email. “We applaud the student who came forward to report the situation. This is an opportune time to discuss this situation with your children and emphasize that there are severe consequences of such actions, even if the threat is made in a jokingly manner.”