One of the ways that humans reach out to one another in a time of need is to meet one’s most basic needs, such as food and shelter. Those who are diagnosed with breast cancer might have lodging secured, but thinking about cooking or shopping for food can seem overwhelming to a mom or grandmother who is fighting for her life.

For that reason, many friends set up rotations of people to bring the family of a cancer patient food. Sometimes these groups are church groups or work friends or even neighborhood friends.

Women Rock Founder LuAnn Daniel said there are a few things to consider when picking out what foods to include in such a rotation.

“Things that can be frozen work well,” she said.

Preparing something that can be frozen easily and reheated easily gives the recipient more options of what to do with the food and when to eat it. People undergoing chemo might not have much of an appetite on some days. They may want to save that delicious dish for a day when they feel more like eating.

Daniel said soups also work well because often people going through treatment for breast cancer prefer lighter meals. And a nice warm bowl of soup is, for some people, comforting in and of itself.

While cooking something in one’s own kitchen and taking it to a friend who is going through an illness is a time-honored way of helping, it is not the only way.

There are some ways that tech-savvy folks can send that comforting food.

The Website Cool Mom TECH featured a story in the July 2017 issue suggesting the websites, Give in Kind, Meal Train and Take Them a Meal. Each of them allows people to set up a simple meal rotation, but they differ on the number of bells and whistles they offer. For instance, Give In Kind allows those who wish to donate money to the recipient family through PayPal and allows for wish lists for items they may need like grocery cards or gas cards.

Meal Train, the article says, allows for the addition of events that could be useful to those who want to add tasks to be performed for the family like picking up children from school or after-school activities or taking the cancer patient to doctor’s visits.

Take Them A Meal is a simple site for setting up meal rotations without dealing with all of those extras, the site says.

Send a Meal is another site that allows people to send a frozen dish anywhere.