Editor's note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Robin Bethel was adopted. She was not.

Grayson County Commissioners approved a proclamation Tuesday declaring November as “National Adoption Month.” The group then learned of a special ceremony that will take place starting at 1 p.m. on Nov. 16 at the Grayson County Courthouse in which 13 children will celebrate their adoptions.

Children's Protective Services caseworker Robin Bethel addressed the group, and she had eager ears Tuesday as she addressed the court.

The proclamation Grayson County Judge Bill Magers read said last year 5,674 children were adopted out of the state's foster care system. There are currently 179 children in foster care in the state and 41 of them are in Grayson County awaiting adoption.

On Nov. 16, the county will celebrate National Adoption Day with a ceremony on the second floor of the Grayson County Courthouse and 13 of those children will officially become part of their new permanent families. Bethel said the rest of the 41 in Grayson County actually have already met their future families and are being worked through the system.

“CPS and the Child Welfare Board considers the children in the system our children and you should too,” Bethel said after hearing the proclamation read in open court. “It's our community and it's our kiddos.”

She said last Saturday, the Child Welfare Board held a walk at Pecan Grove Park where five children from Grayson County and two children from Fannin County were featured as being up for adoption.

“We wanted to make the community aware that our kiddos are still in need and just promote the concept of adoption,” Bethel said.

She said they are excited about the events on Nov. 16, though they also do have adoptions throughout the year on a smaller scale.

“Super excited,” Bethel said. “That's probably one of the highlights of our year is being able to celebrate that day with those children.”