Editor's note: An earlier version of this article erred in stating the number of additional registered voters over 2016. There are 2,219 more registered voters than in 2016.

Grayson County Elections Administrator Deana Patterson said there are 80,942 people registered to vote in the Nov. 6 election.

Early voting for that election starts Monday and continues through Nov. 2.

Historical data on the Grayson County Elections website show that Patterson's numbers mean there are 2,219 more people are registered to vote in November than registered to vote in 2016.

In 2016, there were 78,723 registered voters and only 47,819 people who cast ballots. In 2014, there were 74,846 people registered to vote in the November election and only 23,718 actually voted.

Grayson County Democratic Party Chair Glenn Melancon said the party is excited about the increase in the number of registered voters.

He said both the local party and the state party have campaigns of phone calling, block walking and emailing planned to get those who have registered to vote to actually go to the polls.

Melancon said the local party doesn't plan to offer a ride to the polls because that service has not been in great demand in the past. However, he said, they have been working to encourage those who couldn't get out to vote to vote by mail.

He said Patterson does a good job of offering curbside service to voters who require that kind of help and the early voting period takes the pressure the weather factor for Election Day.

Grayson County Republican Party Chair Barbara Woodroof could not be immediately reached Wednesday afternoon.

There are a number of local offices up for grabs in November including in Grayson County, U.S. Representative for District 6, State Representative for District 62, Criminal District Attorney, Grayson County Clerk, County Commissioner Precinct 2, County County Commissioner Precinct 4, Justice of Peace in Precinct 2 and Justice of the Peace in Precinct 3.

In the U.S. Representative race, Republican incumbent John Ratcliff faces Democrat challenger Catherine Krantz and Libertarian candidate Ken Ashby. In the state representative for District 62 race, Republican Reggie Smith is facing Democrat Valerie Hefner and Libertarian David Schaab.

In the D.A.'s race, Republican Brett Smith faces off against Democrat Pamela McGraw. In the Grayson County Clerk's race, incumbent Republican Wilma Bush faces challenger Democrat Karen Hughes Spencer. In the commissioner's races, incumbent Republican David Whitlock faces off against challenger Democrat Marilyn Livingston, in Precinct 2 and in Precinct 4, incumbent Republican Bart Lawrence faces off against challenger Terry Templeton. Justice of the Peace David Hawley, a Republican, faces off against challenger Sylvia Faith Mitchell, a Democrat, and Justice of the Peace in Precinct 3, Damon Vanoy, a Republican, faces off against Laura Bass, a Democrat.