With the new fiscal year that recently started, the Sherman Economic Development Corp. elected new leadership for its board of directors.

The SEDCO board chose Brad Douglass as its new chairman, Tom Shields as vice chairman and Janie Bates as its secretary. Electing the new officers was the first action taken by the board with its two newest members Gail Utter and Scott Bandemir. SEDCO staff also presented plaques to former chairmen John Sild and Greg Kirkpatrick, both of whom were leaving the board to make room for the new members.

“We would like to express our appreciation for John’s service as chairman for this past fiscal year,” Executive Vice President Stacey Jones said as SEDCO staff presented him with a wall clock and picture. “He was probably one of the most involved chairmen that we’ve ever had.”

Kirkpatrick served as board chairman for the year preceding Sild and said he would look back fondly on his time with SEDCO.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time on the board and will miss it in a lot of ways,” Kirkpatrick said.

Before turning the meeting over to Douglass, Sild welcomed the new board members and said he was proud of the work the SEDCO board and staff have done.

“We have a common heart on this board, and it’s one of service for the community,” Sild said. “We want to see Sherman really grow and look well in the community. It’s totally a team effort and it’s really an honor and a privilege to be a part of it and see all the inner workings of how the city deals with things, how SEDCO deals with things, how we bring new businesses to town and grow the economy. As new board members, you’re going to see all the new things that are on the docket that are looking at us. It’s exciting — good time to be here.”