Denison officials are asking residents to find alternative routes around the 700 block of S. Mirick Avenue starting Monday as it starts road repairs in the area. The repair project, which is expected to take about 90 days, comes following a collapse of a drainage line under the roadway in 2017.

The construction will address drainage issues in the area along with repairing damage done in the collapse. Sidewalks in the affected area will also be replaced, and pedestrian handrails will also be added as a part of the improvements.

During the construction, a marked detour will direct traffic along Shepherd, Barrett and Day Street around the impacted area. Once the immediate construction phase is done, officials said that traffic lanes will be opened, but minor cleanup may still be ongoing in the area.

Earlier this year, the city approved a contract with Lynn Vessels for the estimated $220,000 project. This bid, the lowest of seven received, is less than the engineer’s estimate of $330,000. The highest bid for the project was more than double the winning offer.

For more information on the project, call the city of Denison at 903-465 2720.