A Southmayd man who was found walking naked down the street with his wife and daughter back in May has a trial date.

Michael James Ouellette’s trial on a laundry list of charges is set for Feb. 25.

In May, Southmayd Police Chief Chad McKee said Michael James Ouellette, 48, and Shannon Lee Ouellette, 43, were arrested for felony assault on a peace officer, felony child endangerment and resisting arrest. McKee said he and other officers were dispatched to the family’s residence on May 15 sometime after 2 p.m. upon receiving reports from neighbors that the Ouellette’s home was on fire. Neighbors said the parents and their 13-year-old daughter left without wearing any clothes and told them it was the “wrath of God” and the “end times,” before walking to nearby Highway 56.

“I can definitely tell you they didn’t act like ordinary people do,” McKee said at the time.

The police chief said he attempted to make contact with the family along the highway, but the father attacked him.

“I was charged at by the male and that’s when I was struck,” McKee said. “Due to the adult female also coming over to try to intervene while I was in the scuffle with the man, that’s when I backed off. We let them walk off and followed as we waited for backup.”

McKee said the mother, father and daughter walked through several fields before officers attempted to restrain them. However, McKee said the mother bit another officer on the hand and the father was largely able to resist officers’ attempts to disable him.

McKee said all three were eventually forcibly restrained and taken into custody. The mother and father were taken to Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center for evaluation before they were booked into the Grayson County Jail. The girl was air lifted to Children’s Medical Center Plano.

Michael James Ouellette and Shannon Lee Ouellette were indicted in November.

Michael James Ouellette is set for trial in February and Shannon Lee Ouellette is set for a plea conference on Oct. 17.

Michael James Ouellette is represented by Rick Dunn.

Shannon Lee Ouellette is represented by Timothy Brown.