Texomans have a good chance of getting wet over the next few days.

The National Weather Service is forecasting chances of rain through Tuesday evening followed by cooler temperatures by the end of the week.

Bianca Villanueva, a meteorologist with the Fort Worth office of the NWS, said the agency is expecting a 50 percent chance of rain for Sunday, before that increases to 80 percent by Tuesday evening.

“There could be some strong to severe thunderstorms, people need to be aware of if they plan on traveling,” Villanueva said. “We are expecting one to three inches of rain. That could lead to flash flooding in certain areas. People need to stay weather aware. If there is an area prone to flooding, be sure to know alternate routes.”

With the 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms expected in Grayson County on Sunday, residents can expect a high temperature in the lower 80s and a low around 70 Sunday evening. On Sunday evening, the chance of precipitation goes down to just 30 percent.

On Monday, there is a 40 percent chance of showers during the day and a 30 percent chance in the evening. The high on Monday is expected to be in the lower 80s, while the low for the night will be in the upper 60s.

However Tuesday is the day Texoma is most likely to receive rain, as NWS is forecasting a 90 percent chance of rain during the day and 80 percent that evening. Villanueva said the rains are expected to fall throughout the region to the north of the I-20 corridor.

She said flash flooding could be possible in certain areas and cautioned anyone living in areas subject to flash flooding to be aware of the increased chances of flooding during the early part of the week.

Temperatures are expected to be in the upper 70s on Tuesday and lower 60s that evening. By Friday, temperatures are expected to be down into the lower 70s and the forecast for next Saturday calls for a high in the mid 60s.

Villanueva said temperatures tend to begin cooling down this time of year in Texoma, though it’s not quite cool enough to kill off the mosquitoes. She said temperatues need to get down below 50 degrees before the pests begin to die off.