Over the next month, Sherman’s Chick-fil-A location will undergo improvements aimed at alleviating traffic flow concerns in its parking lot. The announcement was recently made via the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“As most of you know, we did some adjustments back in 2016 during our remodel but due to continued growth and increased customer traffic, we must make additional changes,” restaurant management said in the Facebook post.

Under the proposed changes, the restaurant will be widening its entrances to make it easier for traffic turning into the restaurant. A new concrete island will be poured at the east entrance off the U.S. Highway 75 service road to improve directional flow and prevent traffic from turning left. Instead, motorists will need to turn right and continue to the west entrance where they will be required to circle the building in order to enter the drive-thru.

Store owner Rob Medders emphasized the changes will be small and gradual, with most work taking place at night after the location has closed for the day. Additionally, the upgrades were planned for this time of the year as it is historically less busy.

“We hope some of the changes will be so small our guests won’t notice,” he said. “We did some work last night, and most people did not notice anything.”

While the initial post said the upgrades will take 30 days, Medders said weather may play a factor and lengthen the process. Medders noted rain is in the forecast next week.

The latest update to the Sherman Chick-fil-A comes just two years after the restaurant underwent a five-week renovation aimed at expanding its kitchen and adding a second drive-thru lane.

Among the changes brought by the 2016 update was an increase in the machines dedicated to cooking chicken from three to eight and a double-sided service line in the kitchen, which allowed for a separation between drive-thru and in-restaurant orders.

“We have 12 years of data showing we serve a lot of people here,” Medders said at the time. “Out of 2,000 stores, we’re in the top 75 in the country, here in Sherman, Texas. It’s mind-blowing, just because they don’t ever see small towns do this kind of volume. We do almost as much volume as a store in New York.”

Medders said company representatives hoped that the changes in 2016 would address traffic concerns, but the additional traffic generated through the expansion brought back some of the same issues. Medders noted that the upgrades will not affect the number of available parking spots, but said some spots may be adjusted slightly.

“These are good problems to have, though,” Medders sad. “Everyone loves coming to the restaurant, and we love them.”