The thick gray fog hanging over North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field Saturday morning left an aviation event ground.

The Young Eagles Flights sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft of Association that was scheduled to start at 7:30 a.m. never got of the ground. But organizers say not to worry, they will come back around again and hope for better weather.

Young Eagles Coordinator John Horn said more than 2,000 local youngsters have received free flights out of NTRA since the program began.

Launched in 1992, the program is aimed at introducing children to the world of flight.

“We do that by pilots volunteering their time and their aircraft, and we have rallies several times during the year when we invite children from the ages of eight to 17 to come out for a free discovery flight,” Horn said.

No reschedule has been announced yet, but Horn said there are several such events at NTRA each year.

They had planned to take up at least 25 children with seven aircraft.

“It’s about a 30-minute flight for each group,” he said.

Before the planes take off, the pilot goes through a checklist with his passengers. Then once inside the plane, Horn said, the passengers each get a headset that connects the pilot communicate with them so he can explain what he is doing as he is flying the plane.

“And the lucky child who gets to sit in the co-pilot chair very often gets to control the plane for a bit,” Horn said.

Two youngsters who showed up to take the rides Saturday were from Bonham.

John Trubey, 13, has been up twice. He said he was really looking forward to going up again.

“I really like looking down at all of the scenery. It is one of those Hobby Lobby miniatures,” he said.

The first time he went up was cloudy and the second time was better, he said.

His brother Daniel said he liked getting to fly the airplane while he was up in the sky, but he is not looking toward aviation as a career.

Their mother, Myrna Trubey, said she thinks it is important for America to stay competitive with the world in technology and aviation and one way to do that is to keep children interested in it. She was in the U.S. Air Force and found the rides online. She said right now neither of them is interested in aviation but that doesn’t mean they might not be in the future.

To find out when the next flights will be offered in the Grayson County area, visit: