Grayson College will be relocating staff from the administrative building, ahead of scheduled renovations, earlier than expected, school officials said this week. The move comes amid delays in the construction of the school’s new $5.96 million student success center that shifted the timetable for both projects.

The two projects will allow the current administrative building to be converted to a one-stop shop for students registering for college, while the new Student Success Center will allow the college to consolidate some of its services closer to the center of campus.

The college’s math hub and testing center will be among the departments moved to the new building, Grayson College President Jeremy McMillen said.

“If you were to ask me for directions there, I would literally walk you there because it is that complicated of a process,” McMillen said of the testing center.

Originally, the Student Success Center was expected to be complete by January, but crews experienced delays related to utilities on the site, McMillen said. With the setbacks, McMillen said the project will likely be finished by March, he said.

This in turn would delay staff from the current administration building moving into the space to make way for renovations. McMillen emphasized that these changes were planned to be completed by midsummer to be ready for the 2019 school year and the opening of the school’s new Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing program.

Instead of delaying the project, McMillen said staff on the east side of the administration building will be relocated as early as November. Staff will be relocated to the building’s board room, the student life center and health science building, among others, McMillen said.

Once the Student Success Center is completed in March, McMillen said the same process will be done for employees working on the other side of the building.

In other matters, McMillen said work has been completed on the third floor of the new Jones Hall dormitory. While the building was expected to be completed by the start of the school year, the third floor was still under construction, which led to students being relocated to the first and second floors.

With construction on the final floor now complete, McMillen said the students on the second floor will be relocated to the top floor to allow for crews to finalize and do touch up work on the second floor. Over the Christmas break, McMillen said crews will do the same process for the first floor.