As the Grayson County Health Clinic prepares to move to its new location, it will have assistance from the Texoma Health Foundation.

Representatives for THF presented the clinic with a $37,500 grant Tuesday for the cost of renovating and outfitting its new home in the 800 block of Gallagher Drive. Since 2013, the clinic has been housed in a former hospital building, also located on Gallagher Drive.

“What this will do is allow us to move into a new location,” Nanette Pinckney, executive director of the Grayson County Health Clinic, said. “This grant will allow this move to be at zero cost to the health clinic.”

The move will come at no cost to the clinic, thanks in part to a matching donation by the landlord of the new building, who is assisting with the build out of the new facility.

Pinckney said the new building was originally used as a clinic by the Center for Family Medicine, but had been vacant for some time. As it was originally a clinic, Pinckney said it would be a better fit than the health clinic’s current building, which was formerly a women’s health hospital. Given the size of the building, Pinckney said the clinic only uses a part of the campus.

“This clinic will really give us an appropriate flow for a medical office,” Pinckney said. “It will streamline our efficiencies tremendously. So, we are very excited to have that happen.”

With the new facility, Pinckney said the clinic will have access to another six to eight exam rooms and allow the clinic to have additional physicians on site to treat patients. With the new physicians, Pinckney said it could increase the clinic’s capacity by about 10,000 patient visits a year. By comparison, the hospital now serves about 15,000 patients each year.

“Those physicians are from the TMC residency program and they provide their continuity clinic here in our space,” she said.

From the county’s standpoint, Grayson County Judge Bill Magers said the former hospital was a godsend to the clinic when it first opened its doors five years ago, but the hospital is now in a place to expand past its current footprint. Magers went on to commend local partners, including TMC and Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center for making the clinic possible.

Dr. Gregory Carlson presented the check to the clinic Wednesday on behalf of THF. Carlson said the expansion of the clinic to a new location fell well within the foundation’s goal of increasing health care in the area. Additionally, by housing TMC’s residency program, and potentially expanding the number of physicians who can take part, Carlson said it may lead to additional doctors permanently locating in Texoma.

“The mandate of THF is to benefit the health of people in our community,” he said. “This is a great example of those efforts.”