The Texas Department of Transportation is advising motorists in Grayson County and Fannin County to be aware of multiple road-improvement projects that are scheduled this week and may result in traffic changes or delays.

“Motorists are advised to remain alert and pay special attention to all signs, barricades and traffic controls, and reduce their speed as they approach and travel through work zones,” a TxDOT press release said. “They should also avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating, drinking, or car audio or navigation systems.”

Schedules are subject to change due to inclement weather conditions, equipment failure or other issues.

Grayson County

On FM 1417 from State Highway 56 to State Highway 11 and from FM 691 to U.S. Highway 82, motorists should watch for mobile operations as crews place striping along the pavement between Hwy. 56 and Hwy. 75. Drivers should also watch for traffic shifts as workers widen the roadway from FM 691 to Hwy. 82.

On Hwy. 75, asphalt repairs from FM 131 to Shepard Drive could lead to temporary, night-time lane closures as workers perform joint repairs at the bridges within the project limits.

Also on Hwy. 75, debris pickup will be done from the Collin County line to the Oklahoma state line. Motorists should watch for mobile, day-time operations as workers pick up debris from the roadway on Wednesday and Friday.

On Hwy. 56, a landscaping project from North Union Street to Center Street in Whitesboro will create temporary, day-time detours as crews improve curbs, gutters, sidewalks, pedestrian ramps and install vegetation and irrigation.

Fannin County

On Hwy. 11 from U.S. Highway 69 to State Highway 121, motorists should watch for traffic shifts and occasional one-lane closures as workers rehab and widen the roadway.

Those driving on FM 1629 from Hwy. 121 to State Highway 78 should watch for temporary, one-lane closures as workers improve the roadway.

On FM 1752 from Hwy. 82 to FM 898, motorists should watch for temporary one-lane closures as workers rehab and widen the roadway.

Along FM 816 and Recreation Road 3, from the Fannin-Hunt county line to State Highway 78 on FM 816, and from FM 273 eastward for two miles on Recreation Road 3, south of Lake Bonham, drivers should watch for temporary lane closures as workers install safety treatments on fixed objects.

CR 4526 at tributary to Bois D’arc Creek is closed at the bridge crossing at the tributary to Bois D’arc Creek while crews replace structural bridge components.