Denison Police said an argument between two family members Wednesday night ended with multiple stab wounds for one and a felony assault charge for the other.

Lt. Paul Neumann said officers responded to a report of a stabbing at a home in the 3500 block of Valentine Drive Wednesday at approximately 10:30 p.m. Neumann said officers arrived at the scene and found the 50-year-old male victim with multiple stab wounds, as well as the 28-year-old suspect, who was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

“It looks like there was a verbal altercation between an uncle and a nephew that turned physical, with the end result being that the uncle was stabbed numerous times,” Neumann said.

The Denison Police lieutenant said the victim was attacked with a fixed-blade knife which would usually be carried in a belted sheath, but Neumann said he did not know how many times the man was stabbed. The man was transported by ambulance to an area hospital for treatment.

“He is in stable condition,” Neumann said Thursday morning. “His injuries are not believed to be life threatening.”

Neumann said the suspect lived at the home, but he does not believe the uncle lives there. Other family members were present at the time of the stabbing, but Neumann said investigators received conflicting accounts as to why the stabbing took place.

“As far as what the argument was between the two of them, it’s inconsistent and depends on who they’ve got the story from,” Neumann said. “If there was alcohol or drugs involved, that will be part of the toxicology report, which we won’t get back until later.”

Neumann said domestic disputes among relatives often end in some form of violence, but encouraged anyone involved in such a situation to remain calm and distance themselves from any potential danger.

“Unfortunately, it’s all too common within families that things can get out of hand quickly,” Neumann said. “We’d ask that people use some common sense, step back and walk away from incidents that could escalate as fast as this one did.”

The suspect was booked into the Grayson County Jail. A search of the facility’s booking records did not include any bond information. It was unclear whether the suspect remained in the jail Thursday morning or had obtained an attorney for representation.

Neumann said the matter remains under investigation.