Denison Police said a motorcyclist was seriously injured Tuesday night after colliding with a vehicle.

Lt. Paul Neumann said he had limited information regarding the crash Wednesday morning, but said the collision occurred at the intersection of Austin Avenue and U.S. Highway 69. Neumann said he did not immediately know what time the crash happened or in what directions the motorcycle and passenger vehicle were traveling at the time.

“He (the motorcyclist) was ultimately flown down to a Dallas-area hospital where he is, at this point, expected to survive,” Neumann said. “The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet. It’s actually the opinion of the investigating officers that the helmet probably saved his life.”

Neumann said the intersection where the crash occurred sits within a 35 mph speed limit, but added that drivers frequently forget to yield to flashing yellow traffic lights stationed at the intersection.

“What often happens is that as people are looking at the flashing yellow light and the other side has green, they end up thinking they can go across or go through,” Neumann said. “You have to be aware of your surroundings and how the traffic flow is set up.”

The Denison Police lieutenant said he did not know the motorcyclist’s condition as of Wednesday morning, but that the matter remained under investigation. Neumann said it was too early to tell whether either driver would be cited or if any criminal charges would be filed.

“The extent of this investigation will be determined particularly by the severity of injuries,” Neumann said. “So as we follow the updates, that will determine the direction this all goes.”

A motorcycle owner himself, Neumann said he understood the feeling of freedom fellow riders enjoy but encouraged all to wear a helmet and drive defensively.

“I’ve always been under the personal opinion that you can be the best motorcyclist in the world, as far as safety goes, but you can never predict what the other driver is going to do,” Neumann said.