A mold-like substance on fruits and veggies and a lack of knowledge of food safety earned one Denison eatery an “F” on its most recent Health Department inspection.

The Grayson County Health Department rates restaurants and other establishments that serve food based on their adherence to codes set by the Texas Department of Health. Restaurants are given an “A,” “B,” “C” or “F” score. An “A” means sanitarians reported no or only a few minor violations. Those with a “B” were found to have several minor violations, but nothing major. Restaurants with a “C” might have a major violation or repeat offenses, but in the inspectors’ opinions, nothing bad enough to warrant an “F.” An “A” means sanitarians reported 10 or fewer demerits. Those with a “B” received 11-20 demerits. Restaurants with a “C” had 21-30 demerits and restaurants with “F” ratings received more than 30 demerits.

Sanitarian Marshall Ward noted that the head cook at Country Garden Cuisine, 2700 South Eisenhower Parkway, “had no prior knowledge relating to proper cooling of cooked food requiring time and temperature control for safety and proper procedure for cooling and refrigeration of cooked food.”

Ward said the refrigeration units the staff were using to hold prepared food were not cold enough to do so properly. His inspection report also noted that the head cook was “observed attempting to reheat three six-inch pans of mashed potatoes by using the steam table. Mashed potatoes were prepared and placed inside the walk-in cooler at approximately 8:30 p.m. on August 28, 2018 (the night before the inspection).” The potatoes were thrown out.

Ward noted finding a case of “whole, uncut cucumbers were observed with heavy accumulations of mold-like substance.” He noted the same of pieces of fruit in a full case of lemons.

The report also noted raw meat, chicken and fish being held at temperatures that are not safe and items like raw onions, uncut limes, and raw lettuce being stored on top of raw shell eggs.

“The only certified food manager, and noncertified food manager, head cook were unable to acknowledge and demonstrate the proper cooling methods used to safely cool and refrigerate cooked food,” Ward wrote in the report.

He then taught a session on food safety there on the premises.

The following eateries received a “B” on their most recent inspection:

Doshirock, 1525 W. Morton, in Denison;

Lone Star Food Store, 3315 FM 120 in Denison;

The following establishments received an “A” on their most recent inspections:

Best Western Texoma Hotel & Suites, 810 N. US Hwy 75, in Denison;

Lone Star Food Store, 4411 Hwy 75-N, in Denison;

Red River Café@ Lone Star, 4411 Hwy. 75 N., in Denison;

Target, 4160 Town Center Rd., in Sherman;

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 875 Northcreek, in Sherman;

Southern Maid Donuts, 7319 Hwy 691, in Denison;

Bells Best Donut, a 301 N. Pecan, in Bells;

Dollar General, 810 N. Ole Ambrose Rd., in Bells;

Meals on Wheels/Bells Center, 203 S Broadway, in Bells;

Sonic Drive-In-Bells, 1206 N. Pecan, in Bells;

Sherman ISD/Perrin Learning Center, 81 Vanderburg Dr., in Denison;

Taco Bell, 3420 W. FM 120, in Denison;

Nur Farm, 766 Judge Carr Rd. in Whitewright;

Tanglewood Resort 19th Hole, 290 Tanglewood Circle, in Pottsboro;

El Tapatio, 2401 S. Austin Ave., in Denison;

Golden Chick-Whitesboro, 1022 Hwy. 377 N., in Whitesboro;

Whitesboro Hayes Primary School, 117 4th Street, in Whitesboro;

Crawford Street Place, 4318 W. Crawford St., in Denison;

Lone Star Food Store/Mi Taco, 3315 FM 120, in Denison;

Pizza Hut of Denison, 129 W Heron Street, in Denison;

CVS/Pharmacy, 2910 FM 120 West, in Denison;

Pirate Island, 104 N Main, in Collinsville;

Whitesboro Health & Rehab. Center, 1204 Sherman Drive, in Whitesboro.