The city of Denison is moving forward with plans to update its website to make it more user friendly for both residents and city staff alike. As part of its consent agenda during a recent meeting, the council approved an $11,000 contract with Florida-based website provider Municode for the website update.

The change comes as the city plans to improve mobile accessibility and make other improvements to the city’s website, Officials said the change comes as city staff have had difficulty easily updating content on the site.

“After we went through several presentations by companies, they (Municode) were definitely the front runner,” Director of Community Engagement Sunny Mackey said.

The council agreed to a three-year contract with Municode that is broken into two parts. The website service itself will cost the city $5,500 per year, with an additional $5,500 per year for agenda software.

For nearly 10 years, Mackey said, Denison’s website has been managed and offered through CivicPlus. However, over time the city’s ability to personalize the website began to decline. The site saw a slight redesign and improvement about five years ago, Mackey said. However, it has been largely unchanged since then, she said.

With the new service, Mackey said Denison will easily be able to change and customize the website with new pictures and color schemes.

After starting the search for a new provider in March, Mackey said city staff elected to go with Municode due to its ease of use. Mackey said the website provider stood out from the others due to its specialty with mobile-friendly web design, which allows the website to load a different version based on what kind of device is accessing it.

Additionally, the website will have improved search functionality, Mackey said. As Municode already handles the city’s agenda, Mackey said the search functionality will have improved capabilities to delve through Denison’s meetings records and city ordinances.

Other features offered by the company include improved Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 compliance and emergency alerts.