After just three years in her current location, Shawnda Rains is once again moving her entertainment business, Shawnda Rains Studio, into a new location in order to accommodate growth.

Rains is a local entertainment mogul who operates a host of business ventures ranging from T-shirts to music lessons. She is also a recording artists who offers singing lessons. Her new location, which is to be across the street from her existing spot, will more than double the space available while adding several new layers to her business.

“We already offer a lot at our current location,” Rains said. “We’re really expanding with this move. We will have more room to get more teachers and take on more students.”

Rains is expecting to move from her current location, at 414. W. Main Street, in Denison, to 415 W. Main Street, a space she said is double the 3,000 square feet of her existing space. She started her vocal classes seven years ago after running the Rialto Theater for several years. She said her business has just expanded so fast she keeps outgrowing the space she is in.

“We’ve been in the current location for three years and already outgrown it,” Rains said. “That’s why we’re moving.”

Rains said she has students from all over the country. Several from Texas and Oklahoma as well as a few from other places she works with via Skype.

Rains currently offers a broad range of entertainment options, including private lessons as well as touring with her show, the Red River Opry.

Rains said the recording studio is one aspect of the move she is excited for. Currently whenever someone needs to record a song or record, she has to go to Commerce. She said having the studio local will open plenty of opportunities for her business.

“I get requests all the time for recording,” Rains said. “We have so many aspiring young performers here — we have so many we take to other studios we will have no trouble finding people who want to record. We have artists now writing songs waiting to get in there.”

Rains said the recording studio will be available for booking and will be able to accommodate individual artists ranging from country to pop, while also being able to have full bands record projects.

Currently one of her associates, Scott Moody, operates a studio known as Abstract Audio in Aubrey. He is moving his studio into the new facility.

In addition to the recording studio, Rains will also be adding several new components to her existing operation. One of those is going to be a music store. She will also be adding a new area upstairs that will include a video production facility where she, and her associates, will be able to record YouTube videos.

Rains said she is expecting to add website development and social media operations to help promote her artists as part of the move. The new facility will also include additional space for adding new piano lessons, guitar and other instruments as she finds the teachers. There is even going to be a songwriting area.

Her new building is currently undergoing construction ahead of the move.

“It will be a fast move — we will be closed down for about a week,” Rains said. “Then we will be fully operational over at the new location by the 24th of September.”

One of her side businesses is her T-shirt company, which she said will print more than entertainment shirts, but is all part of her full package of options to help promote the artists who she works with. Rains currently has around 80 students enrolled in her different programs, with more added all the time.

Another aspect of the new facility she was excited to talk about included the new open area her dance troops can utilize.

“We’re not a dance studio but our dance troop does sing and tour and will have a space they can rehearse,” Rains said.

She is also bringing on an acting coach to teach acting for stage. He will be able to do musical theater, teach acting classes and do stage performances.

“We’d like to get more into social media and website design for the artists to help them with their merchandise,” Rains said. “We want to be a one-stop shop for artist’s development. That includes recording, promotion, whatever they need for their career.”

Rains said she wants to do more seminars and workshops while adding new classes, all in an effort to attract recording artists to the area. She is even looking to bring in guest artists to have workshops with her students.

Rains will be hosting T.G. Sheppard with the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Band on Oct. 6 at the Rialto Theater in Denison.