Denison Police have opened an investigation after a man’s car disappeared and the neighbor who borrowed it turned up with an unusual story.

Lt. Mike Eppler said officers responded to a residence in the 1100 block of South Armstrong Avenue shortly before 10 a.m. Monday after the owner called police to report his vehicle stolen. Eppler said the man told officers that he had agreed to let his neighbor use his 2001 blue Dodge Durango SUV the night before so that he could make a trip to Walmart. Eppler said the neighbor told officers he made it to the grocery store and gave at least one other person a ride, but the vehicle disappeared as he returned.

“When he left the parking lot, he said he went southbound and pulled up to the stop sign at (West) Crawford (Street) and (U.S. Highway) 75,” Eppler said. “That’s when he said he was hit in the top of the head with an unknown object. He said he was knocked out. When he came to, he was on the east control road and the vehicle was gone, so he walked home.”

Eppler said it was unclear why the man didn’t contact police to report the vehicle as missing. The Denison Police sergeant added that investigators believed the incident to be an isolated one. The incident remains under investigation.

“If you’re going to lend your car out, you better make sure that you know you’re going to get it back,” Eppler said. “Make sure they’re a reputable person.”

Those with information related to the case are encouraged to call Denison Police at 903-465-2422.