The Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir is getting its original name back, mostly.

In a news release Thursday, The North Texas Municipal Water District board of directors announced it had voted to rename the new reservoir being built in Fannin County to Bois d’Arc Lake.

The lake had been called Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir during its 15-year permitting process. During the groundbreaking ceremony this spring, the new reservoir was named North Texas Municipal Lake to honor all the cities NTMWD serves.

But that name didn’t sit well with some folks in Fannin County who urged the district to consider retaining a portion of the reservoir’s original name. The name Bois d’Arc Lake was requested to honor important local history and recognize the Bois d’Arc tree as a distinctive symbol with special significance for the region.

“NTMWD appreciates the thoughtful input from the local community that was expressed to our board last month and adopting a name that is embraced by Fannin County is important to NTMWD,” NTMWD Executive Director Tom Kula said. “The District has worked hard over the years to be a good neighbor, and we look forward to continuing working together with the community on this project.”

Construction activities to date include:

· Drilled 36-inch-diameter shafts 40-feet deep in the ground for the new 1.3-mile-long FM 897 bridge over the future lake. Filled the shafts with concrete and began construction of the aboveground columns and bridge beam support structures.

· Cleared trees within the dam footprint and began excavating soil for the dam’s embankment.

· Built two replacement bridges on County Roads 2945 and 2645 over Bois d’Arc Creek.

NTMWD said it expects to begin delivering water from the lake in 2022 — providing up to 108 million gallons of water a day for communities served by the district for decades to come.