Re: TEXOMA HEROES: Malinda Gossett pulls from her troubled past to help others, 8/7

Deborah Rogers via Facebook: What a blessing to be recognized for what God has done & is doing in your life. I’m blessed to know you

Sherry Stephens via Facebook: This lady is amazing and an inspiration to many people. I want to also add that she is very loved by many too including me!❤

Re: EDITORIAL: A world without a free press is one without a safeguard of freedom, 8/16

Travis Lyons via Facebook: Most people screaming “fake news” get most of their news from Fox News, which is consistently having stories debunked and is overtly, openly, and proudly biased in favor of the current president. Not to mention were equally the opposite during Obama’s presidency — stoking unwarranted fear and division. They claim that biased reporting is unethical, but get their news from hyperpartisan sources that border on propaganda. All news is open to criticism and should be corrected. I suggest everyone steer clear of 24hr cable news programming as they seem to be more interested in being entertainment most of the day. I like PBS news hour because it’s boring — like news should be. I can come up with my own opinions.

Robert Williams via Facebook: If you look at this study (reported in NPR!) — you’ll see that the press coverage of Obama was skewed pretty positive, and the coverage of Trump has skewed very negative.

The truth is that the press, in general, is no friend of social or political conservatives. You collectively have an agenda. You expressly say so in your editorial in the last sentence.

And now you are crying “foul” because someone is pointing it out.

The problem is that, rather than speaking truth to power, YOU have the power. Trump’s campaign was noted for using social media to work around the mainstream media. But now we see coordinated efforts on social media platforms to ban conservative voices.

This is not the work of a free press.

Garrett Anderson via Facebook: There is a difference between fake news and censorship and our president hasn’t censored anyone he just calls how it is if CNN is.putting out bogus stories why not hold them to it.

Ron Speed via Facebook: “But it’s time for the constant questioning of our character and integrity and the baseless accusations of corrupt motives to stop.”

Dear Staff,

It is the hallmark of democracy to consistently question the free press to ensure non-bias in reporting. Asking the public to get off your back is a reason why you are being tagged as fake. Stand tall and prove yourself. Let the truth shine through.

Perhaps what you are experiencing as journalists is the changing of the guard. Print journalism is on life-support and the public is reaching to pull the cord. “Everybody” is a journalist now days. No credentials necessary. Just post on Facebook and it becomes apparent facts for discussion. Journalist no longer differentiate themselves between hard-hitting news and Uncle Fred’s rant about pickles and Kool-Aid.

I personally challenge you to make a difference in how the public perceives professional journalism. Instead of asking people to stop bullying you, go out and do some old time journalism. Find the stories. Dig deeper. And watch your spelling errors for goodness sakes. Be a Pro!

Stop crying about it and do something about it. And when you write a story, don’t hide behind, “staff.” Proudly add names and faces. Stand behind what you write with gravitas.

With news now being considered as entertainment as opposed to news being honored as a foundation for democracy, the roll as a professional journalist will continue to recede into oblivion … unless you as journalists stand up and physically do something about it.

In other words, if you want to be considered the gatehouse of democracy, get out of the outhouse.

Herald Democrat via Facebook: Ron, thanks for your feedback. We welcome it.

For those who have not read the editorial, we’d like to add a bit more to your quotation with a few of the sentences that proceed the section you quoted:

“Does that mean we are saying we are above questioning or suggesting that you should read every word in a newspaper without careful thought and evaluation of the information presented? Absolutely not. We want you to ask intelligent questions and compare the content we publish against that of other sources and the raw material we use to compile our articles.

“When we make mistakes, we correct them and we learn from them, and we need your feedback to complete that process. But it’s time for the constant questioning of our character and integrity and the baseless accusations of corrupt motives to stop.”

Ron Speed via Facebook: Herald Democrat (if that’s your real name *wink*) I got it! My focus was on the “baseless accusations of corrupt motives” statement. It might not happen at the HD. But political bias and corruption is happening and is inherent in our system and has been since the beginning.

Therefore I put forth that your call to make it stop is not the responsibility of the public. It is on every journalist at every media outlet to bring about positive change. You hold the power to create and deliver a strong PR campaign … so do it!

Hey I’m on your side — but don’t write opinion like the media is a victim and expect sympathy. Our American media decision makers that you work for and we the public continue to pay to support are to blame for this current state of affairs. That’s right, we all are to blame in our own ways.

I am certain the HD has the full support of your readership to support you in your quest to get out there and bring about the change you want.



Eric Bernard via Facebook: Unwarranted mistrust? Wow, what a statement. And you wonder why journalism has gained the reputation it has. Division has been the main goal of journalism over the past 10 years.

Respect is earned not given. Therefore it can be taken away faster than it’s earned. Keeping respect is what’s hard to do. Heck, most journalist don’t even respect their profession enough to report on a story without their own personal bias invading the article.

I personally don’t care about the opinion of the journalist. I read the news for facts. And when one article says one thing and another article says something different. And then months later the verified truth comes out. You learn who lies and who tells the truth. So don’t preach to me about my distrust in journalism. Talk to your peers!

Chris Dowd via Facebook: Thank you for your work. “Enemy of the people” is a Soviet epithet used to justify the elimination of dissent. Ignorance of its history is no defense. The free press is, in fact, the opposite of the “enemy of the people.” Keep doing your work, trusting that the vast majority of us appreciate its vital contribution to a free society.

Bart Hamner via Facebook: Only the moron left media is the enemy of the people, their agenda is to divide this country.

#EDITORIAL: A world without a free press is one without a safeguard of freedom

— heralddemocrat (@heralddemocrat)August 16, 2018

@FiberNerdGirl via Twitter: After seeing this article I REALLY wish I had NOT subscribed to your paper online. The cartoon totally misrepresents what @realDonaldTrump has been saying about fake news.

@FiberNerdGirl via Twitter: Well, @heralddemocrat, if you use the free press to print fake news YOU are not safeguarding OUR freedoms.

Re: Texas school districts receive first official A-F grades, 8/15 

Troy Roberson via Facebook: This is crap, they need to listen to the people and get rid of the standardized tests, what was wrong with the old way when teachers taught, kids learned, instead it’s test, test, test, no learning.