The Sherman Walgreens is one of several locations in the state of Texas participating in a new initiative that will allow certain customers to bypass the traditional lines at the pharmacy.

Customers who sign up to receive text messages from Walgreens will be eligible to receive prescription alerts sent to their phone. Once they receive a text message, customers will receive a link on their phone to a pass. All they have to do at that point is tap to prepay and their pass will be ready to take to the store.

Once a customer has the pass approved, they will be able to walk into what is called the Express Pick-Up lane where their prescriptions will be ready. There won’t be any further waiting for the customers who sign up for the new service.

While the service does rely on a mobile device, it’s not an app. Instead of an app that a customer installs on their device, everything is done using text messages. A link with the customer’s information will be sent via text message to the phone. The customer will have to send an initial text with the words “JoinRx” to the phone number 21525 in order to sign up for the service.

“It’s an initiative we are offering to help simplify the process to make it more convenient for patients,” Scott Goldberg, senior manager of media relations for Walgreens, said.

Goldberg didn’t have specific numbers but said the initiative was rolling out nationwide in the next few months.

“Once we roll it out in more stores, there will be more press releases,” he said.

Goldberg said they had already found a number of customers using the service.

“All the customer has to do is sign up for the pass, set up a payment method such as a credit card or express pay and walk into the store,” Goldberg said.