Sherman Police are warning area industrial employers of a possible scam after one business was reportedly approached by a man who claimed to be seeking donations of scrap metal.

Sgt. Brett Mullen said the department was notified of the incident Tuesday by a representative of a business in South Sherman after a man who reportedly claimed to work for a regional Native American nation approached a plant manager and asked for donations of scrap metal. The man reportedly told business staff that the donations would be used for educational purposes.

“They thought it was kind of fishy, so they asked him to leave,” Mullen said.

Despite requests from business, the man reportedly left without producing documents confirming his identity or affiliation with the group. Mullen said it was unclear whether the man was an actual representative of the organization and explained that the man’s request for donations wasn’t necessarily illegal. The Sherman Police sergeant encouraged area businesses to remain vigilant.

“Possibly ask for references from somebody he’s done business with before,” Mullen said. “Ask for any type of official identification or credentials as to who he is or the organization he’s representing. You want to vet them before you give them something. And if something doesn’t feel right to you, just don’t do it.”