White is back:

This modern take on classic design combines simple white cabinets or appliances with stainless steel finishes for a bright and clean kitchen design. Those that choose to go with white cabinets but do not want to pair with all white appliances can choose slate, which is another up and coming color that is beautiful with a matte finish on anything from refrigerators to ovens.

Retro appliances:

Nostalgia abounds with these brightly colored retro appliances that have begun to gain popularity as a variety of companies have started adding vintage appliance lines to their offerings. Mint greens, soft pinks and baby blues are the signature colors, but yellows and other variations can be found as well. The most popular vintage appliance right now is the refrigerator.



Appliances that serve more than one function are a big part of the minimalist movement as this allows homeowners to cut down on the clutter in the kitchen. Minimalist style can also be seen in the way cabinets are designed. Appliance garages are sections of cabinets that can be used as storage for things like toasters and coffee makers in order to reduce counter clutter.



Appliances that are fully integrated with sleek digital interfaces as well as internet and Bluetooth connectivity are a big part of the current modern design trend in the kitchen. These high-tech appliances are perfect not only for convenience but also for safety. For example, your oven can alert you if it has been left on.


Industrial, commercial grade appliances are becoming more and more popular inside residential kitchens. Not only are these heavy duty appliances durable and powerful, but they can add to a modern minimalist design with their metallic appearance.