The Denison City Council denied a zoning request that would have allowed for a new night club to open its doors in the 4800 block of Texoma Parkway Monday amid concerns of noise traffic and the best use of land along one of the city’s major gateways. The Denison Planning and Zoning Commission, who discussed the request last month, recommended the denial amid concerns from neighboring property owners.

Due to the concerns by neighboring property owners, the request would have needed six of seven members of the council voting in favor to pass. The request was instead defeated in a five-to-one vote. Council member Kris Spiegel was absent from Monday’s meeting.

“The Planning and Zoning Commission had a lot of concerns with the area and the traffic issues that would arise from a night club,” P&Z Manager Steven Doss said, noting that city staff, while initially in favor of the project, had since changed their opinion.

The applicants, Jose Rodriguez and Camerina Pimentel, asked to rezone a property at 4801 S. Texoma Pkwy. from light industrial to commercial district for a property with a conditional use permit for a night club. Formerly, the site had been open as several night clubs, including T-Bird’s and Calhoun’s, but had remained vacant for at least six months, resulting in the need for a conditional use permit.

Pimentel said she had previous experience in the night club business and wanted to open her own business. Documents for Monday’s meeting said the club would specialize in Mexican, country, hip-hop and rock music.

The proposed hours for the establishment would be seven days a week from noon until 2 a.m. However, this would be split between two uses, representatives for the club said.

Beyond acting as a night club, Pimentel planned to also use the location to host private events and parties, including quinceaneras, baby showers and other gatherings. These would likely occur earlier in the afternoon, with night club activities taking place at night. Robert Sanchez, speaking for Pimentel, said the night club activity would likely be held Thursday through Sunday.

Doss said city staff had received plans to restripe and surface the parking lot, which he said was in need of repair. However, Doss said he was unsure of the internal condition, which was a point of concern for P&Z. Doss however did note the site had power restored, which meant that the internal condition must have been at least up to that standard.

Among the property owners who spoke in opposition to the development was Josh Holley, who said he had residential development interests in the area that he felt would be hurt by the noise and lack of proper lighting from the club. This sentiment was mirrored by other property owners who feared they would be kept up at night by loud music.

Gwen Braxton, who spoke in favor of the zoning change, noted the council earlier in the meeting had made moves to amend the city’s smoking ordinance to allow fraternal organizations to set their own guidelines. Throughout the conversation, supporters for the fraternal organization said banning smoking in these facilities would result in revenue leaving Denison to neighboring communities.

“I am not a proponent of clubs and that around here, but we were talking earlier about revenue coming in and leaving Denison because of the smoking ordinance,” Braxton said. “If we are going to give opportunity to one scenario, we can only afford the city the same opportunity to bring these dollars back in.”

Following public comments, the council held no additional discussion on the topic before council member Michael Baecht motioned to deny the request, with Obie Greenleaf as a second. The motion to deny received five votes, with Rayce Guess as the lone opposing vote.

“I just think it is an opportunity to put a building back into use that has been used as a nightclub in the past,” Guess said.

He added that the use as an event space was a positive use and put the facility above simply being another night club.