The mysterious new product at the Sherman Starbucks has been revealed as the company’s signature Nitro Cold Brew

The Sherman Starbucks, located at the corner of Highway 75 and Highway 82, reopened Thursday with a new staple, Nitro Cold Brew. The store was close for renovations last week.

The Nitro Cold Brew coffee is a relatively new type of cold brew coffee that uses nitrogen to help it reach the bloodstream faster providing a rush of caffeine for the consumer, according to information from a news release.

Customers entering the store were greeted by a sign out front welcoming them back following the temporary closure. The sign read, “Welcome back, we missed you. Don’t forget to try our new Nitro Cold Brew.”

The construction permit issued in March estimated the cost of the remodel to have been roughly $370,000.

CJ’s Coffee Cafe, local competitor, took advantage of the store being closed by having a man wearing a sign directing coffee lovers to CJ’s Sherman location. CJ’s also offers Nitro Cold Brew.

A spokesperson for Starbucks said they were unable to comment on the changes. According to a news release issued in 2017, when the company began offering Nitro Cold Brew, it was described as unsweetened and served cold without the need for ice.