Denison Police have opened an aggravated assault investigation after an 18 year old pregnant woman was attacked by a female relative early Tuesday morning, leaving questions about the continued viability of her pregnancy.

Lt. Mike Eppler said officers were dispatched to a residence in the 1800 block of South Travis Street in reference to a disturbance which occurred at the address sometime after midnight. Eppler said the 18-year-old victim and 41-year-old relative lived together and had reportedly argued over a dog being inside the house and the purchase of cigars, before the confrontation became violent.

“The suspect began yelling and cursing, put her fingers in the victim’s face,” Eppler said. “Then, later on, as the victim was walking down the hall, they got into another verbal altercation. The suspect pulled her hair, slammed her to the ground and then, as the victim was laying on her side, the suspect sat on her side and stomach while punching her in the head with her fists.”

Eppler said the victim, who is more than 30 weeks pregnant, reportedly felt a tearing sensation inside her body and was taken to Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center.

“There were some injuries to the unborn child,” Eppler said, later calling the injuries “extensive.”

No arrest had been made as of Wednesday and Eppler said any possible charges brought against the suspect could be enhanced if the injuries cause the woman to lose the pregnancy.

“Of course, we consider it a very serious matter,” Eppler said. “We’re going to complete our investigation and present our findings to the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office.”