Some of Denison’s four-legged residents may soon have a new place to hang out as the city begins work on a new dog park. City officials said a 1.5 acre park designed for dogs of all sizes is expected to be open to the public by the end of the year in Waterloo Lake Regional Park.

The topic of a new dog park in Denison was mostly recently discussed by city officials during the city council’s annual budget retreat in late June. City officials said the idea to add the dog park, which is expected to take about four to five months to complete at a cost of $110,000, came following numerous requests from residents.

“A dog park came up from resident comments, and it has come up several times in recent years as a high priority for the city,” Denison Parks and Recreation Director Chris Mobley said recently.

The park will be located at the far end of Waterloo Park near an existing playground, Mobley said. The decision to place the park at this location came after the city assessed several locations, including a second location in the park near the Texas Army National Guard Armory.

“With the shape and the shade on that piece of property, we decided it should go there,” Mobley said, describing the future location of the park.

The park will be split off into two fenced areas to segregate smaller and larger dogs. Other features include a three-tier water fountain for the pets and their owners alike, and a sand pit to allow the dogs to dig without any worries of damage to the facility, Mobley said.

The park will also feature a covered pavilion area that will be outside of the two areas and also serve the nearby playground, he added.

This is the second dog park that Mobley has helped organize, following the construction of a similar park in Sugar Land about five years ago. The park is similar in design to the one planned for Denison but also includes a water feature that created some difficulties. Subsequently, Denison’s park will not have a water feature, Mobley said.

“That was a nice feature to have, but it did create some issues for us,” he said.

With the addition, Mobley said he expected the new feature to further add to the appeal of the regional park, and could lead to an increase in traffic. This appeal could extend beyond just Denison to neighboring areas, he said.

“There are not many areas where you can let your dog off a leash and let it run,” Mobley said. “So, I expect people from other areas without a dog park will also want to take advantage of this.”

At a little over $100,000, Mobley said it was a fairly inexpensive addition to the park and noted that it could be added easily to other parks across the city. However, city officials are waiting to see how popular the park ultimately is before dedicating additional space to other dog parks.

“We are really excited about this because it will be a real nice amenity for the city,” Mobley said.

Construction on the park, which began about two weeks ago, is expected to take about four to five months to complete. City crews are beginning work with the pavilion feature and will next begin setting the fence for the park, Mobley said.