Sherman Police said one man’s meth-fueled joyride came to a halt last week after he allegedly jumped in the back of a pickup truck and was delivered directly to the department’s headquarters by the bewildered driver.

“He was basically brought right to us,” Sgt. Brett Mullen said of the suspect.

Mullen explained the incident began on July 6 when the 23-year-old suspect was taken into custody in Van Alstyne by the city’s police department. It wasn’t immediately clear why the man was initially placed in custody, but Mullen said the man was transported by Van Alstyne Police to Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center in Sherman for a mental health evaluation. A message seeking comment from Van Alstyne Police wasn’t immediately returned Wednesday afternoon.

During the evaluation process, Mullen said Van Alstyne Police were dispatched to a major incident unfolding in their city and were forced to leave the male subject at Wilson N. Jones. WNJ Director of Marketing and Community Outreach Cathy Black confirmed that the suspect was brought to the hospital, but said staff did not observe or report any disruptive behavior by the man. Black said law enforcement officers did not request an emergency detention of the man and because the hospital could not legally hold him, he was subsequently discharged.

Reading from the the Sherman Police report, Mullen said he did not know where the man went after his time at the hospital, but he remained in Sherman and climbed into the bed of a pickup, occupied by a male driver.

“We received a call from a citizen stating a male had jumped into the back of his pickup truck and refused to get out,” Mullen said. “We said for him to come to the police department, which he did. Once there, we made contact with the person.”

Mullen said as officers attempted to speak with the man, he became upset over another vehicle passing by the station and then ran into the road as he chased after it on foot.

“His behavior led officers to believe he was possibly suffering from some kind of mental health episode,” Mullen said. “But it turns out that when they got to the hospital with him, he was just actually intoxicated with methamphetamine. That’s when he was taken to jail and arrested for public intoxication.”

Mullen said the driver of the pickup was not injured in the incident.

“Our complainant, or caller, he did the right thing by contacting the police department and following the instructions given by the dispatcher,” Mullen said. “He didn’t go out and immediately attempt to confront the guy or get into a physical altercation. He brought him to the police department and that allowed us to resolve the issue, which was really the best option.”