Sherman skateboarding enthusiasts will soon see the new features they voted for being constructed at the city’s skate park at Hawn Park.

Parks and Recreation Manager Theresa Hutchinson said city crews completed the demolition of Hawn Park’s existing skate park last month and construction on the new features will be in full swing in July. Hutchinson gave the update on the city’s $250,000 renovation to its skate park during the Sherman City Council’s budget workshop last month.

“We’re very pleased with the community input we’ve had with the skate park,” Hutchinson said of the people who turned out for a community session with SPA Skateparks of Austin in January. “We had 35 people attend, give a lot of input on what they would like to see at the skate park. SPA went back to Austin, came up with three different designs and brought those back in May.”

Hutchinson explained the Sherman Parks and Recreation Department held a second public input session in May that had another 30-35 people attend.

“There was one design that stood out above the rest, but there was one feature that was included in one of the other designs that people really wanted,” Hutchinson said. “So they voiced that opinion and SPA was able to incorporate that with the design.”

The Sherman City Council approved a contract with SPA in January. The $250,000 budgeted for the project is included in the fiscal year 2018 Capital Improvement Program budget. Hutchinson previously said when the city held a pair of community input meetings for the update to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan last year, a new skate park was the No. 2 thing requested by citizens.

“I think we have exactly what the people are requesting,” Hutchinson said last month of the skate park design, noting the renovated park will be facing east-west instead of north-south, as the previous one did. “We’re really excited to start construction on this with in the next few weeks.”

In January, Hutchinson said the construction process is scheduled to last 150 days. She said the skate park at Hawn Park, which is located at 1202 S. Dewey Ave., was originally built in 2000. In 2008, the city replaced some of the wood and metal ramps that had been installed, but it had not been updated since then.

SPA’s Yann Curtis said the first community input session had a great turnout and the city’s budget for the project should make for a great skate park.

“We’ve done a lot of skate parks in that $250,000 range, similar to what we’ve been given here,” Curtis said in January. “It’s not like we’re scrambling to do something good. Whereas, a couple of years ago, my understanding was it was going to be a $100,000 (budget) — that was a bit concerning and that would have been a lot more challenging to do anything.”

In addition to the existing skate park, Hawn Park also has a walking trail, sand volleyball court, playground equipment and the spray ground popular with children during the summer months.