The Sherman Police Department is enjoying a little Internet fame after taking part in a lip sync video challenge trending among police departments nationwide.

The Sherman Police video shows more than a dozen uniformed officers talking and eating inside Hot N Creamy Donuts on West Lamar Street, before the group breaks into a lip-synced rendition of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” from the movie “Top Gun.” The video was posted on the city of Sherman’s Facebook page Friday, where it has since been viewed more than 4.1 million times and shared more than 85,000 times, including by individuals in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Illinois, California, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina and even the Western European country Belgium.

“I don’t think any of us expected it would do so well,” Sgt. Brett Mullen, who co-stars as one of the protagonists of the video, said. “Once it hit, and the views and shares started exploding, we were shocked. It’s hard to fathom over 4 million people seeing the video.”

Mullen said Sherman Police weren’t challenged by any neighboring department, but had received multiple requests from citizens to make a lip sync video. The sergeant said department officers, administrators and city officials spent some time last week brainstorming how to shoot the video and ultimately decided to follow Chief Zachary Flores’ suggestion to recreate the scene from Top Gun starring Tom Cruise as a U.S. Navy fighter pilot. Mullen said the department and the city decided to film the two-and-half-minute video inside the doughnut shop to play on the stereotype that police officers love the breakfast pastry.

“On Friday, we did a practice run with the lip syncing and ‘choreography,’ then went and shot the scene,” Mullen said.

Sherman Community and Support Services Manager Nate Strauch said the video was shot through 15 different takes and filming took just under an hour. Strauch said, as of Monday afternoon, the video had generated 4.1 million views, more than 3,800 new likes for Sherman’s Facebook page and the post had reached an estimated 8 million people.

“There was a time, over the weekend, when it was generating about 100,000 views an hour,” Strauch said.

Mullen said while he didn’t think he or any of the other participating officers had much of a future in the music industry, the video showed the public an important side to police work and those who patrol the city’s streets.

“Police officers are people,” Mullen said. “We enjoy having fun and have a sense of humor. It’s important to humanize the badge and those behind the badge.”