Sherman recently gave an initial approval for a new micro-blading service under the city’s ordinance concerning tattoo studios.

The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission granted a specific use permit and site plan approval to Katie Campbell to do micro-blading, a semi-permanent makeup application for eyebrows, at Amanda’s Nails, which is at 2121 N. FM 1417, suite O. A document created for the commission states the process uses a small blade made from a micro-needle to create natural hair-like strokes. As the blade is dipped into pigment to deposit color into the skin, it falls under the city’s ordinance concerning tattoos. The specific use permit approved by the commission was actually to allow a tattoo studio, as the state requires this type of operation be permitted as a tattoo license.

When this type of request last came before P&Z, commission member Trish Wood explained it creates eyebrows that don’t wash off. The permanent makeup is also temporary, as previous applicants for specific use permits have told the commission the process is similar to tattooing, but not identical. The makeup is not as deep into the skin as a tattoo would go, so it’s actually semi-permanent and people generally have to redo it after about six months.

Campbell told the commission she has been licensed by the state to do the micro-blading and has been working at the salon since February doing eyelash extensions.

Wood then pointed out the commission has historically tied the specific use permit for these types of businesses to the applicants, so they can’t be transferred should the person leave the business.

“In the past, we have approved these contingent upon them basically being tied to a specific person, so if you decided to leave this location, you wouldn’t be able to transfer this SUP to another business owner,” commission Chairman Clay Mahone said to Campbell and she agreed to that provision.

The commission has approved three similar specific use permits for semi-permanent makeup in the last year, with the previous two both being in Sherman’s downtown area. The specific use permit for Campbell will next have to go before the city council during an upcoming meeting.