Folks who live in the High Country Estates, west of Sherman, dealt with the heat over the weekend without running water.

They still don’t have running water on Monday and might not have it on Tuesday.

“I am horrified by the gross mismanagement of this utility in our community,” Grayson County Office Of Emergency Management Director Sarah Somers said Monday afternoon.

Phone calls to Texas Rain Holding Inc., the company that manages the water provider for the community, were not answered on Monday and an email was not returned.

Somers said the OEM is continuing to work with residents and local and state officials with regard to the outage that started on Friday. She said they have done home-to-home checks over the weekend just to make sure that everyone had water during the period of extreme heat.

Somers said what she found was most folks in the community had bottled water on hand because they thought they had been under a boil water notice for a year.

“This morning, state officials have been there with the Texas Division of the Office of Emergency Management and with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to find out why there is such a problem out here,” Somers said.

She said the county got involved on Saturday and has talked with Texas Rain Holding Inc.

“Based on the history that we have received, we will only rely on the representative from TCEQ that the drinking water is safe for consumption,” she said.

She added that Texas Rain Holding, Inc. has had people onsite Monday to replace a three-inch water main. She said they will have to prime the system to see whether they will be able to get it to produce water for the residents.

“Residents might then be able to flush their toilets, but it will not be safe to drink,” Somers said.

Somers said she has been told there were approximately 100 customers who use the water service. She said the first priority will be to get the water back on and make sure it is safe to drink, then the county will begin to work with TCEQ to find out why the area has continued to experience such problems with no real recourse.

Somers said the county is accepting water donations for the community.