There are many considerations to take before traveling. Your health when travelling should be on the forefront. So that you do not get sick along the way, during your vacation or when you get back, here are five health considerations to make before you travel.

1. Allergies

To combat allergies, you may be eating honey that comes from local bees while you are home, but that will not help when you are travelling to a new place. Dr. Arshia Quadri, a doctor of internal medicine in Sherman, says that people can be prepared for allergens in other places by buying medicine ahead of time.

“I would not prescribe anything for it, but it may be good to purchase Claritin or Zyrtec over the counter before leaving on your trip,” she says.

2. Lack of movement can cause problems

Whether you are getting around by car, train or plane, traveling often requires periods of prolonged sitting, which can lead to blood clots, Quadri explains. Again, for this she would not prescribe a medication but does warn people to beware.

“When you can and as soon as you can, get up and start moving,” she advises. “If you are taking a really long journey, you really need to get up and move around every couple of hours to keep the blood flowing so that you do not get blood clots.”

3. Some destinations require vaccinations

Especially important for international traveling, check with your doctor about necessary vaccinations.

“I am from India, and I know before traveling some vaccinations are required,” Quadri says. “Malaria vaccinations and other vaccinations are very common. Africa and other places have also been known to require vaccinations.”

4. Be aware of illnesses in places that you are traveling

Due to the Zika virus epidemic, women who were pregnant or planned to soon become pregnant were advised not to travel to parts of South and Central America in 2015. While the epidemic has diminished, Quadri still advises people to be aware of water-born illnesses.

“It is not just the vaccines that people need to be aware of,” she stresses. “People need to be aware of the mosquitoes and the water-born illnesses in the areas where you intend to travel. Things can be a problem in other places that are not as big of a problem here.”

5. Always consult your doctor

In general, it is good to check in with your doctor, but based on your specific needs, you may need to consult with your doctor before you travel. Certain ailments and illnesses may cause a doctor to put you on travel restrictions. Plan an appointment before you travel just to make sure that you are your healthiest you before you hit the road.