Everyone knows that accessories make or break a look, so this spring treat yourself to the perfect pair of sunglasses to top off your outfit. Whether you have your heart set on style or practicality — or a perfect marriage of both — the right sunglasses for you can be just around the corner. Shawna Moore of Stanton Optical in Sherman broke down the benefits of wearing sunglasses in general.

“It helps you see better,” she says. “It also protects your eyes from the ultraviolet rays, and UV can cause cataracts. And when you get older, more cataracts means you have to have cataract surgery to remove it. It also protects your eyelids and everything from skin cancer.”

Some sunglasses, however, are more beneficial than others. “All sunglasses have a UV coating in it,” Moore says. “So the difference would be — do you want a standardized tint or a polarized tint? Standard tint just dims the layer, which helps you a whole lot when you’re outside. It helps a little bit with eye strain, and of course, you can see better. It also dilates the eye a little bit.”

With a dilated eye, which means your pupil in the center is bigger, you can have happening damage to your eyes.

“Then your other option is your polarized lenses,” Moore says. “Polarized lenses come in the exact same color as a standardized lens — your grays and your browns — but it knocks glare out completely, which makes it a little bit easier for your eyes to see.”

Polarized lenses, according to Moore, perform well on golf courses and lakes because they remove the glare from the lenses in order to provide maximum clarity. Though they cost slightly more, she says the price elevation is not significant and “definitely worth the purchase.”

Moore added that all glasses at Sherman Opticals come as prescription or nonprescription depending on the user’s needs.

“Everything ’80s is coming back, so the bigger the better,” Moore says of when it comes to sunglasses style. “The bigger they are, the harder it is to put a prescription lens in it, but the more stylish they are. Even the style that they wore in the ’50s is coming back.”

She says anything retro, cat-eyed or “geek-chic” is making a huge comeback.

“I’ve been doing this for 24 years, and in the past couple of years we have more styles that are actually in style than ever before,” Moore says. “With sunglasses, it’s so much fun, because if you’re not willing to do a bright color with your regular glasses, your sunglasses you’re allowed to have fun with. The brightest color you can get or the darkest color you can get — something that you wouldn’t do on an every day pair — you’re allowed to do on your sunglasses.”