When it comes to planning a vacation, deciding where to stay can be a major ordeal. The size of your party and what kind of experience you are hoping to have while away can both play a part in what type of place you choose for your accommodations. There may be times when a simple hotel room just won’t do.

Gateway Travel owner and frequent traveler Christy Wagnitz said many people choose to stay somewhere other than a hotel for the flexibility that other options provide. Wagnitz recalled a trip taken with family last summer where everyone stayed together in one large vacation home.

“A lot of people like to have a more home-like situation,” Wagnitz said. “This is especially true when you have multiple generation families that want to do a big family vacation. Many of these have private pools or hot tubs. It is a little more private for activities and things you want to do. It also makes it a little more relaxed for an extended stay for more than a few nights.”

Wagnitz recommends checking the references, reviews and location for any type of accommodation you might be considering for your vacation. Depending on the size of your party and desired activities, there are several accommodation options available outside of a typical hotel.

Recreational vehicle rental:

For couples or small families looking to take a trip at their own pace, renting an RV can be an excellent option. This method of travel allows you to take in the sights, along with providing the benefit of being able to bring your pets along for the ride. Depending on the size and number of amenities your RV comes equipped with, the cost to rent an RV is between $300 to $800 each night according to Luxe RV Rental. Be aware that some companies will also charge an additional mileage fee. Parking your RV will cost around $45 per day, which should include access to electricity, water and sewer. Another expense to consider when looking at taking an RV trip is the additional cost in gas that driving such a large vehicle involves.

Vacation home rentals:

Homes available for short-term rental vary widely in size and price. Having a full kitchen and multiple bathrooms can be a blessing for family gatherings. A home also provides a much better sense of privacy than a hotel or other shared living situation. These type of rentals can be found on websites like Airbnb and VRBO. HomeAway says their vacation rental owners charge an average of $217 per night. However, a luxury rental in a prime location is more likely to cost around $350 per night, like those at Texoma Time Lake House in Pottsboro.


 For the truly adventurous, glamping is a new craze that provides vacation goers with the opportunity to commune with nature without abandoning all of the comforts of civilization. For around $150 per night, local service iGlamp will provide a large, sturdy tent in similar style to a yurt, furnished with a real bed, furniture, rugs and other luxury essentials. Although some camp sites may provide the glamping set up as part of their reservation package, other services will set up and take down these amenities at the camp site of your choosing. Either way, factor in additional cost for the camp site. Texas State Parks range anywhere from $20 to $40 dollars per night for one of their camping sites.

Cabin rental:

Those looking for a bit of an adventure but still wanting a home-like atmosphere should consider cabin rental. Cabins range from extremely rustic to bungalow chic in design and can provide many of the same comforts as a vacation home rental, the difference being their location and style. Like their more traditional counterparts, cabins range widely in price dependent on size, amenities and location. An informal survey conducted by cabinfreedom.com found that the average price for four to six guests is around $175 per night. However, a cabin with the right location and amenities can cost upwards of $500 per night. Additional fees may also be included for guests, cleaning and activities.