Getting ready for your vacation can be a stressful time. You make every effort not to forget anything while packing. You check and re-check your flight details and hotel reservations. But what about checking the safety of your home while you are away?

Smart technology allows travelers the ability to monitor their home from anywhere in the world. Four Feathers Alarm Vice President Joel Gibson explained one of the most popular items the company installs is the Ring Video Doorbell systems.

“That way, when you are out of town and somebody rings your doorbell, you can actually talk to them,” Gibson said. “The other home security systems we install come with an app that allows you to arm and disarm your system, as well as lock and unlock your doors while you are away. If someone comes to your home that you know, you can let them in. It works with an encrypted two-way communication channel similar to Bluetooth.”

Four Feathers Alarm sells and installs Digital Monitoring Products. Gibson said DNP is basically the only American-made company left for home security. He said their security system installations start as low as $500 and go up to as much as $20,000.

“We install cameras and have garage door openers that you can control through the same app,” Gibson said. “The app can also control your thermostat, lights and locks. We can install water sensors that you can put near a water heater or flood prone area. It will sense if there is water and alert you.”

Gibson also said the app will notify you if your home has lost power. These precautions allow homeowners who are away to notify a friend or electric company about the problem and to monitor for emergencies. The app will provide the weather as well, so you can keep an eye on any severe weather that may impact your home.

Gibson explained customers can purchase plug-in modules that allow them to control anything from Christmas lights to appliances from their smart phone.

The advent of smart technology allows homeowners a steep increase in the amount of home security available, especially while on vacation or even out of the country.

In the event that you notice suspicious activity or an emergency via the camera feed or other alerts on the security app, Gibson recommends calling the police. In less severe situations, he said contacting a friend or neighbor to check on the house is an excellent idea. All of the systems installed by Four Feathers Alarm have a battery back up that allow them to continue communicating even with the loss of power to the home.