A longtime Sherman self-storage facility will soon get a full remodel.

The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission recently approved a site plan for a climate controlled self-storage facility at 2031 West Houston Street, which is between Binkley Park Drive and Arapaho Trail East. The commission’s board of adjustment also approved an exception to allow the facility to have prefinished metal panels on the east side of the structure instead of the usually required masonry.

“I built these units in 1974 and they’ve deteriorated,” owner Dean Gilbert said. “I’ve taken most of it down. I guess you could consider this a huge remodel — I’ve left the slab and I’ve left the back wall and we’re building it back to what’s there already. (It) already has a fence around it and an entry drive.”

Kent Hughlett, the architect on the project, told the commission there will be 32 climate-controlled units in the new facility.

“(It’s going to be) pretty much rebuilt for the footprint that’s existing,” Hughlett said.

Plans provided to the commission show the side of the building that will face West Houston Street will have a brick veneer, while the exception request was made because most of the walls will be metal doors for the units.

“On the west side, it’ll be just like it is now,” Gilbert said. “On the east side, which I think it’s like 410 feet or so, and with 32 doors, 320 foot of its already going to be metal. We think it’ll be a great improvement over what has been there.”

Commission member Shawn Davis asked whether there was another option other than the prefinished metal panels, as he said drivers facing the metal exterior would be going uphill.

“Like Dean was saying, you’re pretty much going to be seeing garage doors that are going to be metal anyway,” Hughlett said. “So it’s just going to be a small piece in between those.”

The board of adjustment ultimately approved the exception 4-1, with Davis voting against it, and commission Chairman Clay Mahone specifying he was in favor of the exception. The site plan for the facility was then approved unanimously by the entire commission.