Motorists who drive through Precinct 1 in Grayson County can count on some continued delays on Sister Grove Road.

Grayson County Commissioner Jeff Whitmire posted to his Facebook page that drivers in that area have been patient as his crew has worked to rebuild the road.

“Our hope was to put down the first coarse this week, but the high probability of rain is going to push it to next week.” Whitmire said. “We need to have a day with very little chance of rain to get the roadway primed. We then need another day to do the chip seal.”

He said asphalt oil has to be ordered a day in advance and it cost $1,200 to cancel a load due to rain.

“We watch the weather forecast closely and next week is looking dry, so there should be no more issues,” Whitmire said.

He said this week, his crews will continue to rock and shape the north end of Hackberry Road and start the reconstruction of Red Maple Road and Lazy S Ranch Road.