Sherman attorney Britton Brooks recently accepted a contract prosecutor’s position and now has a new office on the square in Sherman.

“The contract position is a fantastic position in that it allows me to do what I love — prosecute cases — while I get to explore new areas of the law,” Brooks said from behind his desk in his new office at 103 S. Travis.

The desk, he said, actually used to belong to Sherman attorney Keith Brown, who was on the other side of Brooks’ first criminal case.

“I learned so much from him,” Brooks said of Brown, who died in October.

Several other pieces of furniture in the new office have local ties, as does his part-time paralegal, Nicole Garza, who has worked at the Slagle firm. Brooks plans to run a family law practice that includes wills and probate as well as divorce and custody cases.

Brooks’ road to private practice, in addition to his duties as an assistant district attorney for Grayson County, has been a long one.

In November, the assistant district attorney announced his intention to run for the District Attorney spot that would be open once his boss, Joe Brown, was confirmed to the post of U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas.

Brooks wasn’t the only ADA to announce that month for Brown’s job. Brett Smith, who held the contract prosecutor position for a number of years, also announced. But, Brown’s confirmation wasn’t quick and the deadline to get on the ballot for the spring primary passed before the job of District Attorney for Grayson County was actually open.

Once Brown was confirmed in February, first Assistant District Attorney Kerye Ashmore was left in charge at the DA’s office.

Eventually, Brooks and Smith would announce a compromise that would see Brooks withdraw his name from consideration for the DA position. Commissioners later confirmed Smith as the interim DA until the November election. He faces Democratic challenger Pamela McGraw in that election.

Brooks said he is satisfied with the way the election situation was resolved and he is looking forward to practicing new types of law.