Grayson County Commissioner Jeff Whitmire said his crew recently found an unusual object by the side of the road in his precinct. An abandoned boat was found on Leslie Lane just east of Sherman.

Whitmire said that is just one of the things people have been illegally dumping in his precinct lately. His crew also found some dumped furniture along that roadway.

The precinct holds refuse drop off days twice a year so people can drop off things like old tires, appliances and probably even the boat.

“We have accepted boats in the past,” Whitmire said.

He does that so his people don’t get bogged down cleaning up the sides of county roads when they need to be resurfacing them.

His crew of 14 is concentrating on roadwork right now and he said it probably took three of them away from that work for around a couple of hours.

That equals out to around $200 of lost productivity for the crew and it will be even more once they get the call from the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office that says they can haul the boat to the dump.

“That will be around another $100,” Whitmire said.

All of that keeps his crew from providing services to county residents.

Whitmire said if people have things they need to dispose of, they can hold on to them until the trash off days and he will work with them.

The point is to keep the county roadways clear and clean and to keep his crew working on services people want like road resurfacing and mowing along side the roadways.